Personal Tax

Tax Returns

We complete income tax returns for all entity types and individuals. The calculation of your Taxable Income and final Tax Refund can vary when you earn other income apart from Wage/Salary amounts. We can lodge your return online and minimise the time it takes to obtain your refund (usually within 7 working days).

You will need to keep receipts for any allowable deductions and these expenses need to be related to earning your income.


Investments can make us wealthy, whether it’s collectable cars or financial instruments professional advice is paramount as the sale of these investments can have tax consequences. Effective planning ensures you gain the greatest benefit.


Many people can benefit from the use of Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF’s), you can take control of your super today just ask us how.

Negative Gearing

We can properly advise you on how to maximise the use of borrowed funds in order to earn other income (investment interest, dividends and rent). Money borrowed for such purposes is normally deductible against the income and this provides significant tax savings. Ask your advisor about how to set up your finances to ensure you obtain the associated benefits.

Property and Shares

We can structure your shares and property to maximise dividend imputation credits; ensure that the items are protected; use an entity that can maximise the net (after tax) benefit to the rightful owners. Ask your advisor about some initial details.

Capital Gains

Is a very complex area of The Tax Act. You need to be aware of the kind of records required and the best way to ensure you benefit from capital loss deductions and minimise the capital gains tax you may need to pay. It is vital that you seek advice before you invest to ensure the best results in this complicated area of taxation. As with most legal matters, if you are poorly set up and advised,  it can cost you a great deal down the track. See your advisor now and ensure you don’t fall for any tax  traps.

Business Interests

Having one or more business interests can bring extra monetary returns but it can also create compliance and administrative issues. We can ease these burdens with informative advice and effective solutions devloped from years of dealing with business clients.

Trusts and Entities

Family trusts, companies and Self Managed Superannuation Funds can be set up for you and your family to ensure you protect assets, enable effective transfer of assets upon the unfortunate death of a family member and ensure effective (after tax) return to the overall family. See your advisor about how to start such entities and benefit from the arrangement this financial year.

Tax Effective Solutions

Legal minimisation of your tax bill is permitted within the confines of the Tax Laws. It usually requires careful planning and advice. Don’t spend money on major purchases only to find out when it’s too late that with better planning you could have saved a lot of money. See your advisor before major purchases or sales.

Wealth Generation

Everyone wants to feel finacially secure but sometimes find it hard to know where to start. It all begins with saving that first dollar and getting the best advice.